O'Reilly Gives Beck Airtime To Peddle Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory

Fox finally took Glenn Beck off of the air as a host. but it hasn't stopped them from helping him to push his latest conspiracy theory.

Fox did not renew Glenn Beck's contract, but that hasn't stopped the network from continuing to bring him on the air as an occasional guest. Apparently they still like using him to rile up the wingnuts, even if they don't want him on every night.

This Thursday, Bill-O did just that: Fox's O'Reilly Gives Glenn Beck Airtime To Peddle His Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theory .

Media Matters has more on the whole ugly mess here: Glenn Beck Is Undeterred By Reality On Saudi Nationals And The Boston Bombings.

Beck told O'Reilly that he's got "multiple sources" in the Obama administration who were providing him with documents, and now there's some grand cover up going on. Yeah, when pigs fly Glenn.

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