Rove: Inaction In Syria Has Damaged U.S. 'Credibility In The Region'


This is rich. Karl Rove thinks our credibility in the Middle East was just now lost when the Obama administration wasn't willing to insert themselves into the middle of another country's civil war soon enough to suit all of the screeching neocons out there.

Someone has a bit of selective memory loss when it comes to his administration invading a couple of countries, one based on lies about WMD, or when it comes to the rest of the interfering the United States has been doing in that region of the world for decades on end, for that matter.

Sorry bud, but that ship has sailed a long, long time ago. If we had any credibility or accountability in the U.S. KKKarl would be sitting in a jail cell somewhere along a good portion of the rest of the Bush administration, instead of spouting B.S. on Faux "News":


KARL ROVE, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, we are two years too late. I mean two years ago in August President Obama said it was time for Assad to go. And we have done little to make him go since then. And as a result our credibility in the region is deeply damaged. Light weapons might have had a big impact two years ago. I'm dubious that how much of an impact it will have now. Though, we don't know all of what might be brought into the battlefield. The Gulf States have indicated willingness to supply heavier weapons to the rebels.

But this is -- I'm with Brit on the question of the American credibility. We had the announcement that the Iranians are sending 4,000 Revolutionary Guards who may already be on site. Hezbollah in -- out of Lebanon has opened -- has helped open several new fronts inside the country. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard are talking about creating a front in the Golan Heights by attacking Israel. American action two years ago might have made for a more stable situation today. I'm frankly concerned if -- that it is way too little and way too late.


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