The Real Harold Ford Exposed: He Didn't Know What Party Was Right About The Iraq War UPDATED

A golden oldie from the incredible C&L archives on Harold Ford from an appearance he had with Hannity & Colmes:

Colmes: Barack Obama had a great point when he said those who voted for the war in Iraq and then had to apologize for that vote should probably be the last people to criticize he---who was right about the war in Iraq all along.

Ford: I don't know who's been right about this war all along...

Colmes: Sure you do...

Ford: That's open for dispute.

Colmes: You don't know who's been right about the war all along?

Ford: One thing is clear. What we're doing now is not working.

BNF's made a nice video mash-up for us that exposes his anti-gay, pro gun, anti civil rights, anti- choice, Bush loving creds. His sudden change of positions to justify his entrance into NY politics is incredible.

I remember Ford's 2006 election very well. I wouldn't raise him any money, but did write a lot on the smear ad that the republican party promoted about him. It was tough watching him proclaim his Blue Dog credentials and then he did a campaign commercial inside a church.

Now he's a carpetbagger trying to run in NY and running away from his old positions as fast as he can.

I imagine NYers are smart enough to see right through his lies.


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