I'm sick and tired of NBC News using fake democrats like Harold Ford Jr to represent the left in debates on serious policy issues.
April 6, 2014

Meet The Press debated the merits of the McCutcheon vs. FEC ruling by the Supreme Court in a segment called 'Democracy For Sale?' with a roundtable discussion and as is their usual practice, used DLC fool Harold Ford Jr to represent the panel for the left.

You may remember that Ford told the Meet The Press panel months ago that the best thing for President Obama's second term would be for him to strike a Grand Bargain with Republicans which would cut Social Security benefits to all seniors. He has a long history of promoting conservative ideas and values on NBC while hanging a Democratic lapel pin on his suit and it's infuriating and insulting. He's also part of the Fix The Debt coalition that's funded by the odious Pete Peterson, so to say he has a hidden agenda when he goes on TV is an understatement.

And let me just say that the panel was appalling when discussing the McCutcheon decision. Steve Case, the former AOL CEO made the claim that discussing the corruption potential in putting unlimited resources into politics was old news now (Citizen's United) and who cares anyway because nobody's watching TV ads anymore. Does that make any sense to you?

DAVID GREGORY: ....Steve Case, and say, "You're a man of means. And we'd like you to give an unlimited amount of money to the campaign," how do you not raise a specter of corruption at some point down-- (OVERTALK)

STEVE CASE: I'd say, I focus less on politics, frankly, and more on policy. But I actually think we're fighting last year's battle. I think all this effort is around raising money to fund television ads. And I hate to break this to you, but actually, people are watching less television. And those campaigns of the future are not going to be fought based on 30 second ads on television. That's why the internet is emerging as a force to spread information, engage the people. And I think the next wave of campaigns, it may take five or ten years, but people are not going to be running the campaigns the same way that the political industrial---in the last election proved Steve right. That Karl Rove and his organization spent $100 million, and every one of those candidates lost.

Has losing in 2012 stopped Karl Rove from acquiring massive amounts of money once again for the midterm election to attack progressive values and Democratic candidates? The answer is no and it never will.

Then it came time for Harold Ford Jr to share his Blue Dog values and not only did he not mind the McCutcheon ruling, but he simply LOVED it. What a guy! Of course, it's because that means more money for him somewhere down the line. He doesn't even mind Sheldon Adelson spending billions of dollars trying to buy his hand picked candidates into the White House because he's probably looking for a piece of the action too.

HAROLD FORD JR.: He has every right to do what he chooses to do. And far be it from me to try to tell him. I think your discussion you had with McCutcheon and the president of-- Weissman there about these-- money is there. All this decision did was to try to redirect some of the flow of it.

And anyway, I think any chance you have to re-empower the political parties, which are accountable, the money is transparent, they foster kind of a coalition kind of thinking around issues, I think is a positive thing. Now, if you take Weissman at his word, and this is a disaster, and you take Breyer at his word, Justice Breyer, then perhaps this will invite a kind of confusion and chaos and collapse of the system that will force us to change altogether.

But this decision doesn't alarm me like it has alarmed some of my Democratic friends. In fact, I think it will empower candidates, empower political individual campaigns, which, in the long run, having run a campaign, along with John, I'd much rather have the transparency and be accountable that way, as opposed to having outside groups come in that I have to answer to.

God, not only isn't he alarmed by the decision, but he thinks its empowering. Is he warped or what?

I'm sick and tired of never seeing progressive politicians or pundits on the air representing the working class of America and Meet The Press is particularly egregious about it.

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