Condoleezza Rice On Dick Cheney: He Told Us We Were Going To Die

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So Condoleezza Rice has come out with a new revisionist legacy book, desperately trying to climb on to the apron strings of the Obama administration. Any "success" that Obama has achieved in the Middle East--such as they are begrudgingly able to admit--is due completely to the Bush Doctrine, doncha know?

But other than the same disgusting, lack of self-awareness that allows Condoleezza Rice the ability to sleep at night knowing that under her tenure we invaded, occupied and destroyed at least two countries, the most startling revelation in her book involves a sadistic little bent by Darth Cheney:

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she and President George W. Bush were once given a mouthful of a scare — that they may have been lethally poisoned.

In a revealing ABC interview, Rice recounted the story while on tour for her newly released memoir, in which she details fears of radioactive attacks and smallpox in Washington after 9/11.

She and then-President Bush were in Shanghai just weeks after the terrorist attacks when Vice President Dick Cheney called in on a video conference line to deliver the unsettling news.

"The vice president came on the screen and said that the White House detectors have detected botulinum toxin, and we were all — those of who were exposed — were going to die," Rice told ABC's George Stephanopoulos this week.

"I remember everybody just sort of freezing and the president saying, 'What was that? What was that Dick?" said Rice.

Botulism poisoning leads to paralysis, first starting with the face muscles and then spreading toward the limbs. In its most severe forms, the poison can lead to respiratory failure, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That is the stuff of nightmares right there: Dick Cheney on a big screen saying, "You're going to die!" How do you imagine he said it? Panicked? With barely contained glee? In a Darth Vader menacing voice?

As is obvious from the years past, it turned out to be a false alarm. Oddly, none of the reports in the media ask the obvious question of whether an investigation was done, why they thought they had been exposed to the botulism toxin, if anyone had called/mailed in a threat, whether arrests were made.


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