Regarding Syria: Christian Zionism’s Win-Win

Does Jesus want a war in Syria?

Ralph Reed @ralphreed
Verse of the day: "Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city, and will become a fallen ruin." Isaiah 17:1

Trolling the Hard-Right-Christian Twitter-sphere in the potential run-up to sending US bombs onto Syria, aside from the uncontrollably diarrhea-afflicted few, there is strange calm. The issues surrounding the current sarin-inspired crisis seem to be as nuanced for End Timers as they are for the rest of us, albeit for very different reasons. While mainstream America pits the humanitarian crisis against a “Do No Harm” principle, the relative silence from the normally abusively vocal Christian and Jewish Zionists is muted. It’s not hard to know why; the easy explanation on this one is that they simply cannot lose.

If the US launches our technologically wondrous computer-directed death missiles on the Assad regime and stockpile, realpolitik knows there with be civilian deaths and its consequent blowback in the form of jihadi recruitment. If we do nothing, we may effectively telegraph to Syria, Russia and Iran a willingness to overlook an egregious crime against civilization.

Most understand and appreciate the difficulty of our essentially no-win position. Most but not all.

For the reasons mentioned above, Christian Zionists like John Hagee see recent events, whichever way they go, as a sure-to-be promising fulfillment of biblical prophecy; the ushering in of the glorious Final Battle where the Saved will be saved and the “unchurched” will get theirs in Hell. Make no mistake, Hagee never fails to pull political strings when it comes to promoting his End Times agenda. And no matter how limited a military response to Assad is, the fact that we respond at all, pretty much guarantees that the Hagee triumvirate of evil – Syria, Iran and Russia – will come together as he sees predicted in the Bible. And rather than push for a missile strike, Hagee dogwhistles his glee in this tweet:

Pastor John Hagee @PastorJohnHagee
He never promised you would never be in battle; but He did promise the battle would be His and you would have the victory every single time!

And if President Obama doesn’t get Congressional approval and he backs down, what then?

Hagee still wins. In Hagee-world, should the US look away from Assad’s use of chemical weapons, it will telegraph to the same three players that there are not now and never will be repercussions for WMD use. In other words, as Hagee sees it, an ounce of poison sent Israel’s or America’s way guarantees a global response of unprecedented technological fury; a kind of man-made End Times.

Either way, Christian Zionists win.

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