Mitt Romney Pretends Republicans Care About Job Creation, Defends McCain On DADT


Jay Leno proved that he can be every bit as useless of an interviewer as the majority of our cable “news” hosts. They’re all good at throwing these guys softballs and allowing them to come on the air and lie with little or no pushback. Former Massachusetts Governor and likely 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney appeared on the Tonight Show Wednesday night and gave us the standard Republican line about President Obama “needing to move to the middle”, or in other words, capitulate more than he has already and give Republicans everything they want.

Romney pretended that Republicans care about Americans getting back to work and improving our economy while in the next breath saying the government shouldn’t be doing anything to help improve the economy and ignoring the fact that all Republicans have done for the last two years is obstruct any moves the Democrats have tried to make to get Americans back to work. It's also laughable that Romney would pretend he's worried about job creation in America given his track record on that matter.

Romney went on to say that we should have let GM go bankrupt. He defended the Bush tax cuts and told the standard “job creators” lie as to why they should be continued.

Romney tried to downplay some of the damaging material that’s come out of the latest WikiLeaks document dump and said that America “came off pretty well” followed by some rah, rah, rah we’re the greatest country on earth jingoism.

Romney finished off the interview by defending John McCain’s continued moving of the goalposts on DADT by citing his military service as though that makes him some wise sage on the issue and said that “now is not the time” to reform the policy. Jay Leno pointed out that the same sort of rhetoric was used during the Civil Rights movement but gave Romney a pass with having to respond to that fact.

I think Romney's going to have some trouble since the Republicans are attacking "Obama-care" as some socialist program rather than just another version of Romney's or Bob Dole's health care plans. Since he's in lockstep with the far right of the party on every other issue and obviously wants to run for president again, I await him denouncing the plan he helped get passed as Governor of Massachusetts.


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