February 28, 1981 - Negotiations And Making Nice.

February 28, 1981 - The continuing Thatcher-Reagan romance. Pravda claims state department lying about arms shipments to El Salvador. Reagan asks for fund to reactivate WW2 Battleships. Budget cuts. Islamic Peace Mission in Tehran, trying to end Iran-Iraq War. Basque Separatists release hostages. Iran releases British Missionaries. Threats of violence between Vietnamese and U.S. Fishermen over Shrimp in Texas Gulf Coast.

December 21, 1981 - Poland Under Martial Law.

Familiar images, as always. With the Solidarity Movement in Poland considered a government overthrow, the move towards more severe repression was underway. This time the target for Jaruzelski's wrath was the Catholic Church, with news of priests

December 19, 1981 - The Little Matter Of Poland.

Protests in Warsaw, spreading throughout the country. December 19, 1981 and the news was almost entirely about the Solidarity protests in Warsaw and spreading throughout the country, prompting the Moscow backed government of Wojciech Jaruzelski to declare martial law.

December 6, 1981 - Plots And Threats.

At least you don't have Mo to kick around anymore. The big news of this day in 1981 was the discovery of an alleged Libyan plot to assassinate President Reagan and key members of Reagan's White House team, including Caspar Weinberger and Philip

December 1, 1981 - Rehearsals In Warsaw.

News of the day for December 1, 1981 - air crash in Corsica of Yugoslavian jet. Arms talks in Geneva. Student strike in Warsaw. Texas Immigration bill struck down. Congress to vote on Defense spending. The Economy. Same old - same old.