Newstalgia Reference Room - TV And Politics In Britain.

Newstalgia Reference Room with a BBC World Service documentary on the evolution of TV and Politics in Great Britain. It traces the initial development of TV and the general avoidance of it as a political medium all the way until the 1970's. First broadcast on December 31, 2000.

June 29, 2000 - Fires, Fraud And Flagrance.

News of the Day for June 29, 2000 - Wildfires in Southern Washington State threaten Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Hostage Standoff in Disney World, Disgraced pitcher John Rocker returns to Baseball, Janet Reno comments on Elian Gonzales case, Pres. Clinton nominates Norman Mineta to Sec. Of Commerce and Daniel Wiant gets indicted for embezzling $7 million from The American Cancer Society.

May 19, 2000 - Rudy Bails And Wen Wonders When.

News of the day for May 19, 2000 - Rudy Giuliani drops out of Senate Race citing health and marriage. A new computer virus to worry about. The spy case of Wen Ho Lee continues. Rumors of an oral vaccine being developed for AIDS and word of the first portion of a liver transplant hailed as a success.

UCLA Yakuza Transplants

I love Asian Yakuza movies. Heck, I love a lot of the J-horror flicks too, but I never thought I'd see this in real life. Hello, DHS---where the hell

Open Thread

Happy 5th Anniversary to Living Liberally! Another reminder, author Mark Crispin Miller will be here tomorrow to discuss his new book, Loser Take A