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McCaskill Slams General Who Overturned Sexual Assault Conviction

During this Tuesday's Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on sexual assault in the military, Sen. Claire McCaskill excoriated the Air Force general who overturned a sexual assault conviction as a "poster case of a lack of training and understanding of sexual assault."

Graham: Military Women Put Up With 'Way Too Much Crap'

The senior Republican senator from South Carolina -- who serves in the U.S. Air Force Reserves and opposes taking sexual assault cases out of the military chain of command -- says that women in the armed services "put up with way too much crap."

Military Suicides: 154 In 155 Days

The suicide rate is skyrocketing among American troops as numbers have reached nearly one per day in 2012, according to new Pentagon data revealed in a report on Thursday. Over the first 155 days of 2012 154 active-duty troops have

April 30, 1945 - A Whisper Away From Collapse.

April 30, 1945. News on eventual capitulation of Nazi government. Russians take Berlin. German cities come under Allied occupation. Allied Armies reach Dachau concentration camp. Heinrich Himmler assumes head of German government, negotiates surrender terms. War in Europe on the verge of being over.

April 16, 1945 - The Final Push And Preparing For VE Day.

April 16, 1945 - the Russians launch the final push to Berlin, coming within 20 miles of the city limits. 633 German planes destroyed in one day, effectively knocking out the Luftwaffe. Patton's 3rd Army reaches Czech border, cutting Germany in half. U.S. 7th Army enters Nuremberg. Tokyo's industrial capacity believed completely destroyed. Air Force reports no more industrial targets left as a result of bombings in Europe. Gen. Eisenhower to announce plans for V-E Day.

The Nervous World Of July 14, 1940

(The Battle Of Britain had begun) [media id=17523] With a goodly amount of censorship, correspondent Sigrid Schultz delivered news of the war from