Mike's Blog Roundup

Blah3: Poor Poppy gets an earful from some Arabs about how Junior inspires zero trust around the world.  AlterNet: Scott Ritter, one of the only exp

Evan Thomas: Why We Are In Iraq

Evan Thomas : Why we are In Iraq via Atrios: Apparently Evan Thomas of Newsweek thinks he knows. On Hardball: [media id=15140]-WMP [media id=15141

Krugman On The Ports

Krugman (reg req): So why did this latest case of sloppiness and indifference finally catch the public's attention? Because this time the administrat

O'Reilly Poll

Which story is more important: Al Gore accusing the USA of mistreating Arabs on US soil, or Dick Cheney delaying the accident announcement? Click here

Purple Finger Joe

Purple Finger Joe [media id=14372]-WMP [media id=14373]-QT Juan Cole reports that "there was some trouble, but the voter turnout is likely to be

Mike's Blog Round Up

My Evacuation From Houston..harrowing first person account Big And Easy Iraqi-Style Contracts Flood New Orleans... "the same flawed contracting strat

She's Like Ann Coulter

She's like Ann Coulter Jesus General found someone trying to imitate "Ms. Adam's Apple" of 2005.: "I want all Arabs to be stripped naked and cavit