Bob Jones University

April 2, 1982 - Kerfuffle In The Falklands.

News of the day, wrapup of the week ending April 2, 1982 - Argentina invades Falkland Islands. Record turnout in El Salvador elections. Iran-Iraq War in 18th month. Brezhnever admitted to hospital. Social Security in danger of running out of money. 9% unemployment, 18% Black, 42% Black youth. Irish extremist Ian Paisley barred from entering U.S. to speak at Bob Jones University, Bob Jones Jr. calls for Sec. Of State Haig's untimely demise. Reagan rejects calls for Nuclear Freeze.

Mike's Blog Roundup

alicublog: Bush I parties with Sun Myung Moon, Bush II goes to Bob Jones University, John McCain seeks and accepts the endorsement of John Hagee, and

Mike's Blog Round Up

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. This is Steven at The Opinion Mill, and I'll be piloting this daily roundup until Saturday. If you have any sugges

Public Defender Dude

Bush & Bob Jones I wrote my last post about Bush going to Bob Jones University on his way to the Pope's funeral as a means of giving equal time,

Two Sides To Every Coin

Nutty, Nutty from The PoormanThere are two sides to every coins. There is yin; there is yang. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction