Franken Amendment Pass 64-35.

Bill O'Reilly won't like this, but Al Franken is proving his moxie as a US Senator yet again. This is an important measure to be passed: This is a b

Open Thread

From Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian...What "traditional" marriage really means. And please send your good thoughts to Lee Stranahan. His fa

GOP Netroots Flops Again

As much as they try to put on a happy face, their interest in having an active roll in politics is limited to attacking brown people. Case in point. T

Carroll Correction Coming

It looks like our emails are having an effect: Reporter John Carroll quoted MyDD founder Jerome Armstrong as writing that he was actually the person

This Is Not Surprising

Powerline uses a chopped up video to attack Dingel falsely. The right wingers had a field day with it. TP has it also See this before? As the despera

C&L Is An Advertiser's Dream

C&L is An Advertiser's Dream (guest blog by Taylor Marsh) What a great community converges on this blog every day. I knew that from guest bloggi

Malkin Apologists

Captain Ed makes a ridiculous argument trying to defend Malkin for publishing the students telephone numbers. Notice Ed uses language like, "The Fever

The Polling Project

Chris Bowers has some new results up now. Check out his site to find all the releases of the Poll data..