Climate Change Protester Interrupts Romney Campaign Event

As Mitt Romney spoke at a campaign rally in Virginia on Thursday, a protester began shouting, “What about climate? That's what caused this monster storm!” The protester, holding a sign that said “END CLIMATE SILENCE,” was escorted

Mitt Romney Loves Big Bird, Fires Him Anyway

Mitt Romney has stated publicly that he likes being able to fire people. But Big Bird? Yes, Big Bird was put on notice, as was the debate moderator, Jim Lehrer of PBS and the entire PBS network.

Southern Whites Just Not That Into Mitt Romney

It’s only Tuesday, but this week has already packed some punches for Mitt Romney. A new poll found that Southern whites -- long considered one of the linchpins of the Republicans’ so-called Southern strategy -- are bothered by the GOP

Tim Pool Interviews Vermin Supreme

Journalist and livestreamer Tim Pool attended the HOPE9 conference in New York City over the weekend, and crossed paths with Vermin Supreme, so naturally an interview ensued. Many of you may know, or know of Vermin, the satirical

Does Mitt Romney Have A Koch Problem?

On Sunday, July 8th, over 200 protestors crashed the Koch Brothers' $50,000 a ticket fundraising party for their candidate, Mitt Romney. Since the Kochs are giving over a billion dollars to buy Mitt Romney the presidency, should we be