C&L Opening Bell, 12-23-10

Ho, ho, ho, C&Lers! There have been lots of naughty people in the financial industry this year! But instead of a lump of coal, many of them are getting a big bonus check in their stockings! Let's take a look at some of the yuletide cheer they've

Why Villagers Are Clueless

Journalists are often surprised when they see themselves criticized because they think that they are above it all, but when you see something like thi

Mike's Blog Round Up

Bob Morris of Politics in the Zeros here, with more blog links for you. The philanthropic arm of Google just announced they will fund hundreds of mil

I Think He’s Lost Noonan

Peggy Noonan, who seemed to effectively give up on Bush’s presidency six weeks ago, during the immigration debate, wrote one of her less-annoying co

Pour Driftglass A Cold Beer

Driftglass makes an astute observation about the Malkin/AP story disaster: If the AP has been clowning with information from Iraq, we need to know it


I may not be as cool as Amato to be wined and dined by CNN, but the party here at the AFL-CIO is lots of fun. There was just a nah nah nah nah cheer w