Why Romney And The Rich Will Never Really Get It

You know, we all get the chuckles while watching Mitt Romney and his Republican cohorts grapple with trying to explain to all of us little people just why it's essential -- it's the natural order of things, you know -- for the people who own

Ed Schultz Psycho Talk: Rep. Paul Broun

Compassionate conservative Rep. Paul Broun makes Ed Schultz's Psycho Talk segment for this number- Rep. Broun walks away from man asking for plan to l

Faith-Based Pork Losing Steam?

Street Prophets : Bill Berkowitz notes, rightly, that the Bush Administration's "faith-based initiatives" program seems to have dropped

Lessons Learned From Somalia

Will at AttyTood takes a look at what lessons right-wingers are learning from the situation in Somalia. It shouldn't surprise you that they have

Harry Taylor Blasts Bush

Taylor was at the North Carolina event today and said he's never felt more ashamed of the leadership of his country. [media id=15174]-WMP [media id

Terrorist Attack In London

via Avedon: We seem to be under terrorist attack at the moment here in London, with explosions on both the Underground and on London buses. Authoritie