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Neil Cavuto: Democrats Should Make A Deal With Trump On 'Sacred Cows'

Neil Cavuto: Democrats Should Make A Deal With Trump On 'Sacred Cows'

Fox's Neil Cavuto and his panel wonder if Democrats should be willing to make a deal with Trump on some of their "sacred cows" (a.k.a. our social safety nets) after Trump pretended to get tough with defense contractors during his recent dust up with Boeing and Lockheed Martin.
War Is Still A Racket

War Is Still A Racket

Lockheed Martin Executive Vice President Bruce Tanner gave a speech openly praising the “indirect” benefits that defense contractors would see as a result of the war in Syria.

Immigration Bill A Goodie Bag For Defense Contractors

Chris Hayes explains why the $38 billion Corker-Hoven amendment is nothing but a huge giveaway for defense contractors at taxpayers expense. So much for those so-called "fiscal conservatives" and their complaints that "we're broke."

Kilmeade: It's A 'Sin' To Cut Defense Spending

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade says that cutting defense spending is just not the Christian thing to do. During a Thursday Fox & Friends segment about a defense industry-sponsored study that warns unemployment will rise if Congress does not find a

Ashcroft Hired As Blackwater "Ethics" Director

Amy Goodman: The private military firm Blackwater has hired former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft as the company’s new "ethics" chief. In a statement, Blackwater said Ashcroft will serve as "independent director,” tasked with overseeing

Aljazeera: Leaks Reveal Blackwater Excesses

As usual the foreign press is doing a better job on this than our American media. From Aljazeera, some of the latest to come out of the recent WikiLeaks Iraq War Files. Leaks reveal Blackwater excesses: Blackwater, the private security