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Open Thread

You know you've been meaning to kick in five bucks (or more) to C&L's donation drive. Now is a great time to do that. [donate] Open thread below..

Open Thread

"Some people say" Crooks and Liars is funded with something called "Soros money." We're not. We're funded by you. And every little bit helps. Thanks

C&L's Donation Drive '09: Day II

It's day two of our C&L '09 fundraiser. We're reaching out to our readers and asking for your help so that the MSM and Corporate media do not overru

C&L Donation Drive: The Last Day

This is the last day I'll run the current donation drive. C&Ler Jeannette says she'll match donations up to 500.00 dollars so if you have

C&L Donation Drive Day 1

If you have enjoyed the content that C&L has been providing---I hope you can help with a donation. As C&L has continued to grow---the costs ha

Walking Into The Iran Trap

Arthur: "It is of even greater concern when we remember that we are only discussing a potential. But note how a central part of the propaganda campai

Thank You

Thank You Thanks to everyone for your help during my donation drive. I received many emails from people saying they couldn't afford to help at this