Economic Crisis

Spain To Halt Evictions After Homeowner Suicides

Moments before Ameia Egana, aged 53, was to be evicted from her fourth floor apartment, she clambered over the balcony railing and jumped to her death. Police at the scene said she died on impact. It is the second suicide in Spain in a matter

U.S. Child Poverty Rate Second Only To Romania

Peter Adamson with the Office of Research at the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), discusses the international data contained in <a href="">Report Card 10</a>, a first-ever analysis of new data from the European Union's Statistics on Income and Living Conditions household surveys reveals the extent of child poverty and child deprivation in the world’s advanced economies.

Krugman: The Occupy Movement Was 'Enormously Productive'

Paul Krugman is doing the rounds on his book tour (I saw him here in Philadelphia Tuesday night—yeah, I'm a dork, I got him to autograph my copy) and here he is on Democracy Now! to pound the drum for government spending. Oddly enough,

Morning Open Thread

TGIF! Today is Friday, May 18th, 2012, and there still hasn't been even one banker jailed for the economic and foreclosure crisis in the United States.

#OWS: 'No, We're Just Renting This Place Out'

What do you do when banks that took billions in taxpayer dollars foreclose on those very same taxpayers? Why, you foreclose on the banks, of course! Occupy Miami decides to move into Wells Fargo and another set of occupiers get comfy in a Bank

Occupy Atlanta: Take Back The Block

This video is from Occupy Atlanta, taken during their protests on Monday at local Chase Bank branch offices. The protests led to the arrests of 14 occupiers who say their efforts won't be deterred.

A Nightmare On Wall Street...

Watch and share this video presented by the National Nurses United promoting a financial transaction tax on Wall Street trading to help restore the economy...