Harry Truman

Just So You Know

Just So You Know

I wish that President Obama would make a copy of this letter and send it to Ted Cruz.

The Power Of The President

Progressive organizations based in DC have historically focused most of their attention and political muscle on fighting legislative fights, getting Congress and the President to get new legislation passed or stop legislation they don’t like from passing.

1948 Truman Democratic National Convention Acceptance Speech

I happened to notice that C-SPAN was airing some old Democratic National Convention speeches over the weekend ahead of the Democrats' upcoming convention this week, so I set the DVR to record some of them and thought I'd share a portion of President

April 9, 1947 - Picket Lines And Greek Troops.

April 9, 1947 - Striking Telephone Operators. Striking Coal Miners. Big Four Conference. Henry Wallace in London. Greek Army advancing against rebels. Henry Ford death. David Lilienthal confirmed as head of AEC. Frank Sinatra in court over fist fight.

Politics Past - The 1952 California Primaries

Politics Past - The 1952 California Primaries. A radio documentary on the upcoming California and South Dakota primaries with the candidates, the delegates and the voters. Interviews with California political notables and analysis of the turn-out and vote.