The Blackwater Tapes

The April issue of Harper’s Magazine includes “The Warrior Class,” (paywall) a feature article by Charles Glass on the rise of private-security contractors since 9/11. The conclusion of the article describes a series of videos that were shown to Mr. Glass by a source who had worked for the private-security company Blackwater (now Academi, and also formerly Xe Services) in Iraq. Clips from the videos follow below, prefaced by Glass’s own descriptions

Death, Lies And Videotape

[Caution: graphic video not suitable for work or children. Full-length version here.] On the fifth of April, WikiLeaks released a classified US mil

Sycophancy 101

I know the president likes to avoid tough questions, and prefers pre-screened audiences who'll tell him what he wants to hear, but yesterday was r

Wanker Pinkerton

James Pinkerton makes the laughable observation that the media failed to report about the scandal at Walter Reed because they are liberals who normal

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Scrutiny Hooligans: Santa Declared Enemy Number One Daily Howler: NPR's other-worldly "logic." SpeakSpeak News: A look at the

Bullet Bags For Bush

Bullet Bags for Bush via A Liberal Dose: "Displaying the singular tact and deep humanitarianism for which he is so deservedly reknowned, Chief Chim