John Thune

Ingraham Turns 'Dove' And Rips Wall Street Journal For Beating 'War Drums'

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham -- who once <A href="">accused opponents</a> of the Iraq invasion of trying to "subvert America" -- is now blasting the <Em>The Wall Street Journal</em> for beating the "war drums" because the editorial board expressed support for President Barack Obama's use of drones.

John Thune Attacks New NLRB Rule On Fair Union Elections

After the Senate rejected another proposal by Republicans to make it harder for employees to form a union in their workplace, Sen. John Thune made a visit to Fox's Neil Cavuto this Tuesday to complain about those "big union bosses" getting their

Republicans Getting Buffetted By Taxes

For Republicans on the warpath against Warren Buffett, President Obama's willing poster child for raising taxes on wealthy Americans, this week has been a very bad one. First, new polling confirmed that Americans overwhelmingly support President

Republicans Get An Earful On Social Security And Medicare Cuts At Town Hall Meetings

Keith Olbermann talked to the Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel about the tables being turned on these Republican members of Congress who just two years ago were urging their constituents to get out there and make their voices heard at local town hall meetings. Back then, it was these AstroTurf "tea partiers" out there screaming about the health care bill. Now as they discussed, the tables have been turned and Republicans are starting to get the message that their constituents aren't too happy with talks of privatizing and making cuts to Social Security and Medicare.