Mike's Blog Roundup

Republic of Sestakastan: Presents, "No Such Agency" (h/t Blue Gal) Whiskey Fire: To state that the US military is not necessarily or even re

Flim Flam Frank Aka "The Luntz"

Frameshop: A "con," a "scam," a "grift," a boo-boo, a bunko, a flim flam. All these are synonyms for what street crime

Phillip Perry Is Flammable

Bill Maher documents the exploits of Phillip Perry. Not protecting our chemical plants seems to earn a big payday for Elizabeth Cheney's husband.

Canadian PM To Apologize To Arar

TPM Muckraker: (h/t DLBB) Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will give a formal apology to Maher Arar, the Canadian software engineer whom the Un

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Mahablog: Bankrupt Bushies...just look at the the mess they made. And Doctor Biobrain's Response Is....: Inconceivable Boobery Brad DeLong's Sem

Late Night Open Thread

As many of you know I have a few people helping to keep an eye on the comment section. I have the commenting policy posted and I think the threads are

Late Night Open Thread

Tomorrow-I'll have a new contest coming. Some cool DVD's to give away. The Bill Maher results are almost finished.