Late Night Open Thread

(Graphic via Eric) DJ Paul V at Indie 103.1 sent this in to the Bill Maher contest. "Cheney’s Got A Gun" Meanwhile FDL takes a look at Barbara

Late Night Open Thread

( from "salvage") I've gotten so many entries for the Bill Maher contest that tomorrow is the last day I'm going to accept anymore new ones. I gave

Late Night Open Thread

AaronE sent in this picture for the Bill Maher contest. I'll be selecting a few winners in the middle of next week.

Bill Maher On Cheney

Bill joined Hardball and talked about Cheney and the shooting. [media id=14732]-WMP [media id=14733]-QT (hat tip David Edwards for the video) He hi

Helen Thomas On Real Time

Helen Thomas on Real Time Bill Maher has constantly praised Helen Thomas and her often pointed questions to the White House. He finally had her on th