Gohmert: Cutting Food Stamps Not Evil Because Poor People Buy King Crab Legs

They just can't stop themselves. When they're not doing their best to use that evil "big gubmit" to regulate women's vaginas, one of Republicans' favorite ways to spend their time is beating up on the poor -- as old "terror babies" Louie Gohmert decided to do on the floor of the House this Thursday afternoon.

Occupy News Round-Up

After reviewing video footage from both parties, Judge Jed S. Rakoff of the federal district court in Manhattan sided with the protesters, clearing the way for a class-action lawsuit...

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Big Picture: Stockman: How the GOP Destroyed the U.S. Economy Politics In Color: Obama addresses societal inequities at National Urban Leagu

Mike's Blog Roundup

Consortiumblog: A neocon re-write of American History Hysterical Raisins: Changing the Rule$ Scholars and Rogues: Israel playing with a fi

The Fine Art Of Debunking

(T.E. Lawrence aka: Lawrence of Arabia. Even the dressup was part of the sham) Myths, it seems don't last for very long these days - sometimes they