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GOP Budget Violates Boehner's New Rules On Debt

When John Boehner picked up the Speaker's gavel in January 2011, he also laid down some new rules regarding the U.S. national debt. Despite the near-doubling of the red ink and the seven debt limit increases under President Bush (all of which

Paul Ryan's Deficit Flimflammery Exposed On Morning Joe

It can't be repeated enough: Republicans really don't care about debt or deficits. Case in point, Mittens gave a big speech on Tuesday in Iowa attacking the President over the national debt -- and yet, he wants to make it $2.6T larger in 10 years. And on Wednesday's Morning Joe, Scarborough put this very simple, direct question to Paul Ryan:

Romney Refuses To Mention Bush's Name After Endorsement

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is refusing to even utter George W. Bush's name after the former president endorsed him in an elevator on Tuesday. "I'm for Mitt Romney," Bush had blurted out to ABC News on Tuesday as the