November 11

November 11, 1941 - Armistice Day Almost Everywhere.

News of the day for November 11, 1941 - Armistice Day going barely noticed in Europe as war raged. The German occupied countries were banned from celebrating and warned not to acknowledge the day in any way. Meanwhile, the war went on.

Armistice Day - November 11, 1937

(Armistice Day 1918 - Well . . it was supposed to be the War to End All Wars, wasn't it?) Note: This is a repost from last November 11th. The sentiments are the same. Armistice Day, Veterans Day, Remembrance Day - November 11th. That day in

South Park Mocks Glenn Beck

November 11, 2009 Comedy Central Cartman is chosen to read the morning announcements at South Park Elementary, but he turns the forum into a bully pu

Randi Rhodes Rocks.

A great many C&L commenters have mentioned Randi Rhodes' speech to the 50th Anniversary party of "PEACE ACTION of Michigan" on November 11, 200

NOW He Tells Us....

Now He Tells Us Brad DeLongOn November 11, 2004, Bush 41 and Ford-era Assistant to the President for National Security Brent Scowcroft endorses John K