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Romney Claims His Tax Plan Won't Lower Taxes On The Rich

Another Sunday, and another week goes by where Mitt Romney is still refusing to give any details about his tax plan and which loopholes he'd supposedly close so the rich don't end up getting another tax break. As Think Progress noted a earlier this week, even the host on Fox was getting fed up with the Romney campaign failing to give specifics and as they wrote in their post about his proposals:

Stewart: Mitt Romney's Business Practices Too Shady For Italy

After taking a shot at Harry Reid last week for going after Mitt Romney for tax avoidance and refusing to release his tax returns, it appears The Daily Show's Jon Stewart may be having a change of heart over whether that criticism was deserved. He

Dick Durbin: 'Mitt Romney Is The Obamacare Daddy'

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin did a nice job of hammering home a few points about presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney on this Sunday's Face the Nation and I hope we see more Democrats continue to do the same. I don't think most average