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Pipes Of Peace

In Paul McCartney's Pipes of Peace video, events that happened in France during WWI are recreated. Pipes of Peace (Also the name of the album) is the fifth solo studio album by Paul McCartney, released in 1983. The album is also the only one

Open Thread

Have a little Revolution to end your weekend, from the Beatles.

February 14, 1994 - The Sarajevo Ceasefire And A War Of A Different Kind.

February 14, 1994 - The Sarajevo ceasefire holding. Fighting breaks out in Bosnia. U.S.-Japan Trade war looming. Pres. Clinton meets with Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev over nuclear proliferation. U.S. speed skater Dan Jansen fails to win medal. Extreme security at Lillehamer for Winter Olympics. Paul McCartney calls British tabloid Beatles reunion rumors "rubbish".