Bachmann Signs Yet Another Anti-Gay Marriage Pledge

Okay, Michele Bachmann, we get it. You are against gay marriage. You've said it. Your husband treats homosexuality as if it were tuberculosis and yet still calls them barbarians who need to be educated. You don't think the homosexuals should exist

Rand Paul Already Flip Flopping On His Earmark Pledge

Looks like Kentucky Senator-elect TeaPublican Rand Paul is already flip flopping on whether he supports a ban on earmarks. Senator-Elect Rand Paul Breaks Tea Party Pledge, Now Vows To ‘Fight’ For Earmarks: Congressional earmarks has been

Tea Party Liberty Vs The Liberty 'Belle'

Our own Nicole Belle joined Shane-O and The LeftNeck Chick to talk about the Republican's newly released "Pledge to America." As Nicole noted they're probably relying on most of their voters being completely ignorant about what's even in that

Maddow: GOP's Abstract 'Pledge' Has Consequences In The Specific

Rachel Maddow talked about the GOP's new "Pledge to America" which was widely panned, even by those on the right like Red State's Erick Erickson for the fact that it's very long on ideals and short on specifics. And Rachel is absolutely correct that