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Hume: GOP Afraid To Oppose Right-Wing Hate Talkers

Hume: GOP Afraid To Oppose Right-Wing Hate Talkers

Bill O'Reilly opened this segment with Brit Hume by asking the question: "Do some conservative media people actually intimidate Republicans in Congress?" Hume actually answered him honestly when it comes to who is ruling the roost and the GOP being afraid of these right-wing hate talkers on the radio.

Maddow: Conservatives Construct Separate Media World

Rachel Maddow talked about the influence and insular nature of right-wing talk radio started by Rush Limbaugh that has now been adopted by Fox News where they sell their audience "grievance, resentment and belonging" and how that made it inevitable

Glenn Beck's Summertime Christmas Sweater

Glenn Beck expects 300,000 people in Washington, D.C., tomorrow for BeckStock. Really. Those are his own words. Calling it both the "Woodstock of the next generation" and "the anti-Woodstock," Beck expects "a miracle." It would take a miracle to get