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Mike's Blog Roundup

The Art of the Possible: Let's look at the question of Vice-Presidentialism on the Democratic side. Once Upon a Time: Arthur continues to demonstrate

Open Thread

The Heritage Foundation provides a forum where Rush Limbaugh can kiss "24" actresses. Boiling Point Blog: "How exactly does one qualify to be a sen

Limbaugh Attacks!

Rush Limbaugh went after a young HS graduate on his radio show because she broke down and cried talking about the environment and Global Warming. v

Sunday Talking Head Thread

(Photo of hands warming up on a cuppa hot coffee via di+mars.) The Sunday Talking Head thread is up and ready for perusal this morning.  It's a whol

Mike's Blog Round Up

Arvin Hill: American jurisprudence gone BUCK-wild!  (Although sometimes it’s nice to hear from a Vogon, as opposed to the usual Krikkiters.)  Joe

Mike's Blog Round Up

Whiskey Fire: Liberal hawks, and why it's "perfectly right to judge people writing on foreign policy primarily on their stances towards real world iss

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Heretik: Would you classify car bombs that kill people as 'violence'? The Bush administration doesn't The Spy Who Billed Me: An exclus

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Blotter: Rove's investigator is facing allegations of similar behavior The Carpetbagger Report: OK, let's talk about 'treason'. 

Mark "Cabin Boy" Levin

I was dropping off a DVD and turned on the radio to see who was on Conservative talk. Levin the "ultra conservative" (he's not happy wi