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Mock, Paper, Scissors: Tengrain Presents the End of the Recession! WetMachine: Benchmarks and the Broadband Ecology Rawrahs: Thank you, Jimmy Carter

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Havana Note: Joe Lieberman will seek a pardon for a convicted terrorist who led a bombing spree across Manhattan DownWithTyranny! While we're on

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Zen Cabin: Anyone who has followed the FISA fight is probably familiar with James Cicconi. Let's give Mr. Cicconi the attention he deserves - we'l

Petraeus Says Troop Morale Is Up

No, really. It is. Seriously. [media id=4886] [media id=4887] (h/t JL) Today's testimony before the House was not quite as riveting as yesterday's

Mike's Blog Roundup

Reality Principles: A branding & marketing professional noticed something important about John McCain's new ad: He is not being marketed as a Repu