Mike's Blog Round Up

Sadly, No!: According to the Virgin Queen of the Right Wing Baloney-sphere, the title of "Teabagger" was worn with pride by our colonial forebearers.

Mike's Blog Roundup

Amygdala: Clean Slate Day. There will be a few scorched earth dead-enders, but grownup progressives will see the wisdom in unity. Hillary didn't lose

Mars Landing Successful

'cause I've been a NASA geek since I was a kid... Science Daily: A NASA spacecraft has sent pictures showing itself in good condition after making


I understand that the blogosphere is an intense place right now with an incredibly competitive Democratic primary and a Republican primary that has fr

Mister Huckabee Talks To God

Several alert readers have sent this story to me this morning, and as an apparent token believer within the Left-Wing Blogosphere (tm) all I can say