Take Back America

Van Jones: Marines To Stand With Wall Street Protesters

In his speech to the "Take Back The American Dream" conference Monday, former Obama advisor Van Jones held up the "Occupy Wall Street" movement as an example of what progressives could do to force change. "I'm not mad at for being so loud," he

I'm Off To Take Back America

I'm leaving to fly into DC Monday morning and join in on all the Take Back America fun. I'm a little nervous flying because it usually tweaks my injur

Say Hello To Digby

Digby reveals herself by accepting the Paul Wellstone Citizen Leadership Award on behalf of the progressive blogosphere at the Take Back America confe

Jesus Camp

From Magnolia pictures. Here's the trailer: Jesus Camp, directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady (The Boys of Baraka), follows Levi, Rachael, Tory a

News, Views, And Chews

via The Sideshow Court Rules Against Pot for Sick People. I'm kind of speechless about this. On the one hand, we know who's running things. On the ot