Mike's Blog Roundup

War and Piece: G-Dub to close Gitmo? William K. Wolfrum: Christopher Hitchens lets Vanity Fair blow off his legs, kill his entire family, destroy his

The Spies Who Love You

Snuggly Bear explains warrantless wiretapping. (h/t Scarce) I stole this post from Nicole. Fiore had a great animation way back in 2004 when the Wh

The Debate Over Telco Immunity

In the legislative debate over the RESTORE Act, the administration is focusing much of its attention on immunity for telecommunications companies that

Frum Must Not Read Blogs

It looks like the most talked-about media piece of the day is David Frum’s take on Karl Rove’s White House tenure. Frum, a former Bush speechwrite

The Faulty List Of Glenn Reynolds

Glenn Reynolds lists his reasons why the GOP might lose the '06 election. I'm not sure what will happen in November, but I'm hopeful. Whil