Weapons of Mass Destruction

Syria On WMD: Oops. What We Meant To Say Was...

The video above shows the areas of Syria that are experiencing violent clashes and shelling on Tuesday morning. The Syrian regime is using Twitter to try to clarify recent comments about the country's weapons of mass

How Can Mitt Romney Sleep At Night?

Less than 24 hours after refusing to take hate radio host Rush Limbaugh to task for slandering Sandra Fluke , Mitt Romney reached a new low on Saturday. During an exchange with an Army mom in Ohio, Romney asked of the President who killed Osama

Romney Flip-Flops On Bin Laden, Pakistan And Iraq

From almost the moment Barack Obama took the oath of office, Mitt Romney has attacked the President for showing a lack of leadership on foreign policy and "apologizing for America." Now more than ever, it's Mitt Romney who owes President Obama

Rumsfeld: WMD Issue Was 'The Big One' In Deciding To Invade Iraq

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said Sunday that the Bush's administration's erroneous belief that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was not the only reason for invasion, but it was "the big one." "I think the concern I