December 17

Message From Tahrir, An Anniversary And A Farewell.

Newsr regarding the second day of riots in Cairo and military crackdown on Tahrir Square protesters. One year anniversary of the death of Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia, flashpoint for the Arab Spring protests. African singer Cesaria Evore dubbed "The Barefoot Diva" has died at age 70.

Don't Miss The First Ever Occuthon!

Yes, 24-hours of talking to benefit Occupations across the country. Radio Or Not presents Occuthon 2011 – A 24 hour nonstop broadcast in support of the Occupy Wall Street and 99 percent movement. Occuthon will highlight local Occupy

December 17, 1941 - Getting Used To World War 2

News of the day for December 17, 1941 - Gearing up for war ten days into it. The West Coast on alert, emergencies declared, draft age being voted on in Washington. General news on the war fronts for December 17th.