Blue America '12

Progressive Leadership

Blue America has been especially thankful this cycle that progressive champions-- particularly Raúl Grijalva and Alan Grayson-- have been lending a much-needed hand to progressive challengers all over the country. As co-chair of the Progressive

Tammy Baldwin's Cheddar Bomb

Although DC lobbyist Tommy Thompson is a little long in the tooth (and thought to be somewhat senile and confused by younger Republicans) to be running for a freshman seat in the Senate, that was hardly the biggest irony of the night-- nor was

Blue America Candidate This Week Is Sue Thorn (WV)

Sue Thorn is a Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt kind of Democrat, one who comes to the political arena as a champion of ordinary working families, not so she can suck up to corporate special interests. That makes both political establishments in DC

How's David Gill And The Ladies?

The Blue America live guest this Tuesday is Dr. David Gill, the super-progressive prairie populist who just won a tough primary battle in central Illinois against a Machine-backed corporate conservative. Now he has to face another conservative,

Blue America Preview: Patsy Keever (D-NC)

Remember when Patrick McHenry tried to humiliate Elizabeth Warren at a committee hearing? I believe Patsy Keever is about to turn the tables on North Carolina's tiny little reactionary. If she beats him, Congress will suffer one less corporate

Meet Franke Wilmer (D-MT), Blue America's Newest Candidate

Tuesday, we'll be hosting the newest Blue America endorsee, Montana state Rep. Franke Wilmer, an extraordinary progressive legislator from Bozeman running for Montana's open at-large congressional seat. As I mentioned when I first met her last

Ken Aden (D-AR)-- Quintessential Grassroots Progressive

Ken Aden is the only progressive candidate for Congress Blue America has endorsed this year in a deep red district. Arkansas' third CD, in the northwest corner of the state, has always been Republican as far as anyone can remember. The last