July 6


Occupy Town Square is coming home to Liberty Square! We join forces with the Homecoming group for a day long occupation where it all began.

July 6, 1970 - Loudly Askew.

News of the day for July 6, 1970. Russian Militarly Advisers firing SAM-2 and SAM-3 missiles into Israel from Egypt, claim to down 6 Israeli planes. Siege of Phnom Penh continues. Fighting in Vietnam portrayed as "light and scattered". Sec. Of State Rogers in Saigon. Italy waiting for it's 32nd Government to get going. Fighting in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants with British Army squarely in the middle. Nixon back from 12 days in San Clemente. The Manson Trial gets underway with Jury selection posing a problem and the Unitarian Universalist Church Convention passes a resolution to turn the Vietnam War over to a Private Army with the government in charge of handing out checks.