Jamie Dimon Remains CEO Of JPMorgan

The chairman of JPMorgan Chase and his shareholders successfully killed an investors’ proposal to strip him of his title and split the job between two people, sources said Tuesday.

A.I.G. Considers Suing Government

“Thank you” really doesn’t mean what it used to. After paying back $182 billion in bailout money -- and running an ad campaign saying “Thank you America” -- insurance company American International Group is considering whether it should sue the government...

Uh-oh : Bank Of America Withheld Merrill Lynch Losses

Bank of America's top executives neglected to tell their shareholders about the losses at Merrill Lynch before completing the $50 billion purchase of the company in 2008. Shareholders were instead told of projections showing the deal would

Bank Of America Monopoly: Home Foreclosure Edition

This was an awesome action on the part of Occupy Detroit. It was so perfect, Bank of America security and staff didn't interrupt them as they played out a live "Monopoly" game in the middle of the bank and there were absolutely no arrests.