Federal Judge Helps American Airlines Stall Union Vote

A union election at American Airlines has been blocked by a federal judge in Texas based on the idea that holding the election would damage the company's reputation. The logic of the ruling is ridiculous, at best, and it seems that this direct

Verizon To Lay Off Hundreds Of Workers

Continuing their ongoing disdain for working families, Verizon announced May 30 that it would be laying off more than 600 workers in New England and New Jersey, despite making record profits. The layoffs also come at a time when customer

CWA Spoofs T-Mobile Ad Over Call Center Closings

The Communications Workers of America created a spoof of the latest ad from T-Mobile "No More Mr. Nice Girl," to protest the company's plans to close call centers in the United States and outsource thousands of jobs. The idea that T-Mobile is

Major Labor Unions Back Obama's Support For Marriage Equality

In the wake of President Barack Obama's announced public support for marriage equality, a number of major labor unions have come out in support of the president's position and equality for the LGBT community. This is a great development for a

CWA Launches 'Union Busting Playbook' Website

With the increase of union-busting tactics across the country since the 2010 midterm elections, Communications Workers of America are fighting back with a new website, 'Union Busting Playbook,' which catalogs and explains the tactics used to

CWA Targets Duffy And Cravaack Over FAA Reauthorization Fight

Listen to the radio spots here The Communications Workers of America launched new ads targeting vulnerable Republican incumbents Sean Duffy (WI) and Chip Cravaack (MN) in an attempt to get them to vote in favor of an extension of the Federal