Dear Democrats: The Stimulus Worked, Start Acting Like It

About the only people on the planet who say the 2009 Recovery Act (ARRA) failed are Republicans. This is a necessary posture for them, given that not one of them voted for it. They have too much ideology vested in its failure to admit success,

Mitt Romney Cozies Up To Solyndra Lobbyist

Where's Fox News? What? No breaking news, urgent bulletins? What's up with that? After weeks of creating a faux scandal over the failure of solar panel manufacturer Solyndra, they're not all up in arms over Mitt Romney's fundraising party with one

GOP Scandal Tips For The Obama Administration

Back in May, Brendan Nyhan used historical and statistical analysis to presciently conclude that for the hitherto untainted Obama White House, "the first Obama scandal is likely to arrive sooner than most people think." Now, the dual imbroglios