The Daily Show: American Pickers

After taking a shot at Mitt Romney, his criticism of the government "picking winners and losers" and comparing the government's track record to Bain Capital's record in that regard, Jon Stewart reminded us of what the real problem is that Romney and

Romney And Ryan Dodge On Tax Fairness And Tax Returns

In what was one of the more useless, softball interviews I've seen in some time, CBS's Bob Schieffer allowed Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan get away with one lie after another with little to no push back during their first interview

Debunking Romney's Latest Lies On Solyndra

Steve Benen, who once upon a time was a contributor here at C&L before being hired by the Washington Monthly is no longer a regular guest on Rachel Maddow's show, probably because because he's working for her now, both as a producer and writing for

Romney Aides Feared Obama Conspiracy To Block Solyndra Visit

Mitt Romney's campaign aides said on Thursday that they kept the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's visit to a bankrupt company secret because they worried the White House would conspire with local officials to block the event. CNN's

Romney: Entrepreneurs Should Just Ask Parents For Money

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggested to a group of business people in Michigan on Thursday that entrepreneurs should ask their parents for money instead of using loans from the federal government. In a speech to the Greater