April 6, 1976 - Teamsters, Terrorists And Primaries.

April 6, 1976 - News on settlement of the Teamsters Strike. Gerald Ford campaigns in Wisconsin ahead of the Tuesday Primaries. Morris Udall quietly campaigns. UAW says not less government, but better run government is most important during this election season. Right Wing Death Squads murder 15 young people as part of Military Junta crackdown in Argentina. More bombs in Northern Ireland and Northern Portugal. Women march by the thousands in Rome protesting Vatican ban on contraception. France Nuclear tests in South Pacific.

Two Days In September 1948 - Cold War, Assassinations, Campaigns.

News for September 16-17, 1948. Berlin Airlift, Cold War tensions, Soviet Union, Romania ousts U.S. employees on grounds of espionage. Berlin reports. Communist Hearings resume in Washington. 1948 Presidential campaigns begins. Count Folke Bernadotte, UN mediator in Middle East is assassinated - Stern Gang implicated. End of Civil War outbreak in India. Dr. Norbert Wiener introduces Cybernetics and The 20th Century Limited begins its maiden run.