Open Thread: The Pipeline Sign Protest

Barbara Haws is a Brooklynite, but she was raised in Nebraska. The proposed TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline would pass through her home state, and she’s not happy about it.

Restore The Fourth

Restore the Fourth is a nonviolent grassroots movement protesting indiscriminate government surveillance and the erosion of Fourth Amendment privacy rights. Inspired by recent NSA scandals, Restore the Fourth is planning a series of demonstrations across the U.S to take place this coming July 4th holiday.

Call To Action: Stop NYC From Kicking 600 Sandy Victims To The Curb

Petition: Families who were displaced by Sandy and are living in hotels need long-term affordable housing, not to be thrown out into the streets for the second time since the storm. Extend the April 30th deadline until all displaced families are placed into apartments that they can afford.