Anonymous Targets Oil Industry Giants

Via: More than 1,000 email credentials from five multinational oil industry companies, including Shell and Exxon and BP, has been dumped online by hackers associated with the Anonymous movement. The hackers targeted the three giants

The #YoSoy132 Manifesto

The #YoSoy132 (#iam132) movement in Mexico started with the protest of 132 university students against the leading Mexican 2012 presidential candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto, and his close ties with the national media. Today, the protest

Julian Assange Interviews Noam Chomsky And Tariq Ali

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange interviews professor Noam Chomsky and author Tariq Ali about the convergence of mainstream politics into an all-encompassing and dangerous middle. Assange also invites these two intellectual heavy weights to

I Am The 99%

Spot 1 99% Get Money Out from sandrine on Vimeo. The 99% Get Money Out campaign echoes two of the strongest messages emanating from the Occupy Movement: a vast majority of us know many things in this country need to change, and those

What Is Left Of Our Democracy?

OccupyDocumentary: A Film on what is now left of our Democracy from Caroline Gray on Vimeo. "Occupy Chicago" is a film about the Occupy Movement produced by Caroline Gray and Owen Deutsch, two high school students who set out to

'Occupy Will Return'

Today's "Must Read" is from Chris Hedges: In every conflict, insurgency, uprising and revolution I have covered as a foreign correspondent, the power elite used periods of dormancy, lulls and setbacks to write off the opposition. This

Video: Stop And Frisk By Nina Berman

Stop and Frisk from Nina Berman on Vimeo. Nina Berman is a documentary photographer based in New York City with a particular interest in the American political and social landscape. She is the author of two monographs, "Purple Hearts -