Presidential Primary

John Oliver Begs Trump To Get Into 2016 Presidential Primary

John Oliver Begs Trump To Get Into 2016 Presidential Primary

After opening up The Daily Show with a reminder that it's way too early for the media to be discussing the 2016 presidential primaries, guest host John Oliver was still more than willing to beg at least one Republican to join the GOP "clown car" again -- Donald Trump.

May 15, 1964 - The Long Shot.

May 15, 1964 - 1964 Presidential Primary season. Ambassador to Saigon and GOP Presidential candidate Henry Cabot Lodge expected to win Oregon Primary, chances good in California. Senate GOP pledges to keep the Bobby Baker Scandal probe alive. Michigan Politics - Gov. George Romney and Attorney General Frank Kelly clash on Legislative Reapportionment issue. South Vietnam - 51 S. Vietnamese troops killed in ambush by Vietcong. LBJ and Robert McNamara hold talks on Vietnam situation. Civil Right leader Bayard Rustin pledges 50,000 to protest upcoming Democratic Convention in Atlantic City.

Gingrich Sinks Like A Stone In Florida

Despite having a total wingnut for a governor, Florida is a purple state. So I always thought Newt would have a hard time pulling it out there, and it looks like in the wake of last night's debate, he's in big trouble. Just four days before the

Gingrich Tears Up Over His Mother

Here we have Republican Newt Gingrich tearing up as he recalls times with his mother, who struggled with mental illness and died of cancer in 2003 - or - here we have Republican Newt Gingrich desperately trying to save his floundering