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Hey GOP - In Health Care – Affordability Is Accessibility

Conservatives really wanted a fight about religious freedom. It appeared to be an easy win: Make an ObamaCare mandate that insurers cover birth control into a war on religion. The GOP, void of any ideas Obama hasn’t contaminated by agreeing with,

GOP 2012: The Pro-Fiction Campaign

This campaign season can be summed up by one interview on conservative talk radio last August. It was with Iowa Straw Poll-sweeper Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, in which she proclaimed: “What people recognize is that there’s a fear that the

Republicans: The Severe Conservatives

Part of being a Democrat is acting like you’re losing even when you’re winning. Part of being a Republican is acting like you’re winning even when you’re losing. The phrase “silent majority,” that brilliant bit of Nixonian rhetoric, is a

February 1, 1975 - $1 Billion A Day.

News of this day included the loud gasp heard over the size of the new budget President Ford was handing Congress. The Recession dragged on. Calls for belt tightening. Supplemental Aid to Southeast Asia was voted down - between the 55,000 lives lost and the billions already spent, enough was enough. Aid to Turkey was on hold pending outcome of the latest Cyprus situation. And the U.S. had the dubious distinction of the 2nd highest trade deficit of the century. Not a day to celebrate.