Jim Webb Rewrites Mitt Romney's Idea Of The 47 Percent

Lawrence O'Donnell skewered Mitt Romney for his time writing love letters in the sand to Ann on the beach in France during the Vietnam war, and for being one of the few people out there to actually protest in favor of that war, while simultaneously

Romney Faces New Scrutiny Over Vietnam Draft Deferments

As Rachel Maddow noted, with the recall election in Wisconsin this Tuesday, this story fell off of the radar and wasn't covered by much of the media, but hopefully that will change soon. After the swift-boating of John Kerry, the ousting of Dan

April 18, 1941 - "Yugoslavia Has Ceased To Exist".

April 18, 1941 - Yugoslavia surrenders to Germany. Balkans come under Nazi control. Greece next. British bombers raid Germany. German bombers raid Britain. British public opinion runs against government action. Capitol Hill - Senators accused of trying to get deferments for sons and constituents. Soft Coal strike continues. Bills introduced to prevent strikes in Defense industries. Anticipated heated argument over Convoy Bill.